Fighting the Redirect Virus

What You Need To Know!!!

This type of virus is one of the worst, that can infect your system. It remains hidden from anti-virus. As it is a mixture of viruses, it carries various threats. This virus affects all windows browsers, not just Google.

In 1990, developers for Unix operating systems created a legitimate program, which enabled root access to administrators or users. This enabled them to fix issues on remote Unix-like operating systems. After a short time, this program was manipulated by hackers, to create what is now commonly known as the Google redirect virus.

This virus is one of the hardest to remove from systems. Changing system files, hijacks browsers, and stays hidden from anti-virus. To add spice to this virus, Trojans have been added to rootkits, making them more than just a nuisance.


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How your system can become infected:
In general, this infection happens when downloading programs, music, video files even screensavers, from pirate sites. With authorities clamping down on these types of sites, they really should be avoided, as they can cause you serious problems.

The symptoms of the virus can be redirection to fake and malicious sites. Search engine results are, in some cases, completely irrelevant. Downloading software from these sites, can often add more malware to the system. Rootkit Trojans can also stop programs from starting, such as anti-virus. Within the configuration of the virus, is a setting known as “no follow.” This setting prevents any program which the developer has chosen, from starting.

Zombie Computers:
Another term that is often used is Zombie computers. This is when the attacker has many systems under their control. These Zombie computers are used for sending out the majority of spam emails, which fill our inboxes daily.
Another form of attack that these Zombie computers are used for, are denial-of-service attack (DoS attack). These types of attack take place on large and small businesses. They occur when a website is flooded with requests all at the same time. This causes the servers to crash. Websites can be put out of action for hours, and cause a loss of income to the site’s proprietor, as well as causing problems for genuine users.

Dangers of the Virus:
The dangers of the redirect virus depend on the developer’s motives. Rootkits are simply programs, which have administrator rights over your system. The Trojan section of the virus, is a program which is written to perform certain actions. And that can be anything from adding a keylogger to your system or changing your homepage.


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Removal of the Virus:
Removing this virus can be a nightmare. In some cases if embedded too deeply in the system, a reinstallation may be necessary. There are three ways of dealing with this virus.

1: Manually removal of the virus can be tricky. Finding the infection, without the use of software, and removing it correctly, can result in the loss of your data. Another problem is the fact that other infections, may have added themselves to your system.

2: Removing with an online removal tool, is the best chance of cleaning your system thoroughly, and saving your data. The great thing about this method is that it needs minimal user interaction.

3: Complete reinstallation of the operating system.

Anti-virus is an essential part of online security, but it is not the Holy Grail as far as keeping you safe online. Visiting low security sites, in the hope of acquiring free illegal software, is becoming more dangerous. Companies have become far more stringent, in their approach to copyright infringement.

So at some stage you will be caught out, either by the authorities, or by this type of virus. Keeping safe online, in many ways comes down to mindfulness.

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